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ear Editors:
I found your piece on shaving legs to be interesting, entertaining, humorous, and definitely full of sentiments that I could relate to.  Thanks.

-- Anonymous
Reader to Reader
Do you have a natural home remedy for leave-in conditioner or conditioner for very dry, coarse hair?

  -- A reader in Canada

Now before anyone freaks out, this a legit response. When going through barber school back in the 70's, I had an instructor who gave us a little tip. If we ever had a customer whose hair would not respond to any of the conditioners that the company marketed (of course we were supposed to push them first), we would suggest that the customer coat their hair very thickly with mayonnaise, then cover with a plastic wrap and let it soak in overnight. The next morning they were to rinse very well with luke warm water over and over until all the remaining mayonnaise was gone. Do not use hot water as it may react with the egg in the mayonnaise and cause it to congeal and then you have to wash and rinse repeatedly until the little clumps of congealed egg are gone. Hope this helps.

             --- Fred
Leave in conditioners...that is tricky. However, one of the best ones I've found is hand lotion. All natural ones are very good, but usually best on short hair, and in small amounts. Experimentation is necessary as some
will make your hair look too oily and some will absorb rather well, leaving your hair very soft and under control.

Another option that I have just tried out and love is not shampooing as often with actual shampoo...use conditioner as your cleansing agent. Nature's Gate is an excellent brand and they have many types from which to choose. Just use as you would shampoo, except massage your scalp a little longer and make sure to work the conditioner through your hair thoroughly. Hair is soft and a little straighter. And if you have any problems with
dry, or itchy scalp (like me) and your hair doesn't behave unless you wash it (me again), this will work well! NEVER rinse conditioner out of your hair until it "squeaks," no matter what you're using, before or after shampooing.

This last piece of advice is verifiable at any good salon: There is nothing that can repair split ends.  Many products can protect against split ends,
and many more can minimize their appearance, but nothing that can fix the damage done. I recommend a good hair cut before you try anything I've mentioned above. (This is a case that you get what you pay for, but shop around!)

Straightening hair via "natural" means will be hard, depending on the curl you are trying to uncurl, and how much of an uncurl you wish to accomplish. I've seen a "natural" product called "Kopaa" on late night TV, but cannot vouch for it. I strongly advise that you consult with a salon that specializes in this, or perhaps contact AVEDA (they may not be able to help directly, but perhaps direct you to help).
I think I have all hair problems: my hair is naturally wavy,dry, and has split ends. All these problems make me hate my hair and I want so badly a solution, especially straightening it. Would you help me please?  

  --- A Very Sad Girl
Next Question:
Does anyone know of a good shampoo or soap that is inexpensive, not full of
chemicals and scents, and that does not dry out your hair/scalp? I find Suave
for 89 cents per bottle, but it's too drying for me.

        --  K.B.
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