Simple Planet November/December 2000
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November/December 2000
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An Interview With The SoapMeister Entrepreneur Cheri Marsh tells Simple Planet how she got started in her successful natural soap business and about her experiences with simple living. Interview by Colleen Thomas.
Mind & Body
Simple Living
Profiles in Simplicity: Butterfly Hollow Farm David Rasmussen shares his and wife Sharon's experiences with simple, natural living on their restored farmhouse in Tennessee. An inspiring story for all of us who dream of living among nature.

Simple Books in Review Lu Dumke reviews Ferenc Mate's book on simple living, A Reasonable Life.

Simple Frugality Sue Paluh shares some great money-saving ideas.

Some Tactics to Take Care of Your Time John December offers some advice on finding more quality time for yourself.
Mealtime Mechanics By Leanne Ely. Is sitting down together as a family at mealtime a seeming impossibility these days? Here are some tips.

Oils and Your Skin Natalie Katsman  writes about the many uses of essential oils for the skin. Did you know that you can use oils for cleansing your skin?
Natural Beauty
Natural Parenting
Attachment Parenting Twins: Is This Possible? Mother of twins Stephanie Bushak offers some advice to raise them AP (attachment parenting) style.

Circumcision: Whose Body? Whose Choice? By Christina Pierce. Part of Simple Planet's special section on routine infant circumcision.
Routine Infant Circumcision: The Medical Evidence
By Ron Miller. What is the medical evidence on routine infant circumcision? Why is the United States one of the only countries in the world to routinely perform this ritual on baby boys?
TV or Not TV? One Mom's Solution
Should we let our children watch television? Is it worth having in a frugal household? Kassandra Viscovich has an idea about that.
Green Earth
Planning Malaysia's Forests of Tomorrow
by Raymond Wells. Eco-tourism in Malaysia.
The Pest
by T. C. Farmer. An unlikely pest? Sustainable agriculture and organic farming pest --- and we're not talking about boll weevils.
Easy Ways to Eat More Soy
Want to get your family to eat more soy, less fatty foods? Susan Cara shows you how.

Home and Garden
Growing Your Own Sprouts
Want to garden this winter? Try growing health sprouts indoors. Arzeena Hamir guides you step-by-step.
Unboring Chicken Pasta Salad
Healthy doesn't have to mean bland! Editor Colleen Ryor shares her own recipe for chicken pasta salad.

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