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January/February 2001
Simple Planet: Wake Up & Live
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Save the Earth: Shop at Goodwill by STEPHEN J. LYONS
The Road to Silence: Attachment Parenting Methods and Colic by WENDY CARMAN
Ecology & Capitalism: Achieving a Happy Medium   Controversial article by THOMAS LINDAMAN
The Seven Pools Poetry by DAVID MEUEL
Goal Setting 101 by MARY WISEMAN
Simple Steps to Simple Living: Getting Started by YVONNE QUARLES
Increase in Allergy Caused By Women's Lib? by THOMAS L. OGREN
Excuse me?!?
The Organic Garden in Midwinter by SALLY WHITE
Colleen Ryor






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Simple Planet: Wake Up & Live
Organic Touchstone by THOMAS MARTIN
Exploring our relationship with the word "organic."
Doing a Quick & Easy Germination Test by ARZEENA HAMIR
Cellular Madness  by KATHERINE HAUSWIRTH
Are you too available?
Green Earth
Mind & Body
Home & Garden
Natural Beauty
Shaving Our Legs: The Ups & Downs of an (Un)necessary Ritual by MARY REIHER
Includes two polls, one for women, one for men
Simple Living
Letters to the Editor
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The Hague Conference by STEPHAN SEGETH
Review of the goings-on at November's environmental conference in the Netherlands
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