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SIMPLE PLANET was founded in the fall of 2000 as a fresh voice on the 'net dedicated to promoting the ideas and practices of voluntary simplicity.  Simple living involves reducing physical and mental clutter in order to enjoy a fulfilling, enriched life.  It often combines frugality, a paring-down of material possessions, and a show of respect for the environment by making conscious choices in purchases and activities.  People who live simply have rejected the rampant consumerism that permeates our society; they drive older vehicles rather than trade in for the latest model every other year, or they may choose to walk, bike, or take public transportation to work.  They spend more time with their family and friends rather than watch endless hours of television.  The simple lifestyle means many different things to many different people, but one thing is constant: they are interested in the quality of their lives and want to spend more time doing the things that bring enrichment to the human spirit rather than stay in the rat race that only leads to buying more and spending more money and time to tend to the upkeep of these tangible things. SIMPLE PLANET is devoted to providing resources and ideas to those who have already returned to a simpler existence, as well as people who are just discovering how wonderful life can be with freedom from clutter, debt, and consumerism.

The magazine is not limited to the topic of voluntary simplicity, however.  See our submissions page for a sampling of the kinds of subjects that we will cover.  SIMPLE PLANET strives to become one of the best places on the Internet for informative, meaningful, and useful articles on simple and natural living.  We hope you will join us in building an on-line community of individuals who lead purposeful, fulfilling lives.
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